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9 Tips for Making Your Space Cozy

1. Set the mood

Candles are one of the best ways to create a comfortable atmosphere. Not only do candles create a warm, refreshing smell, they also give beautiful cozy lighting.

Tip: Choose seasonal scents to give the seasonal feelingand for refreshing scents use things like coconut and floral.

2. Bake something

Baking is a perfect example of the feeling of home. There is nothing like a fresh warm cake sitting on the table or a plate of gooey cookies that are giving off a sweet smell throughout the entire house. Cinnamon is a great example of something to add for a great smeall.

Tip: Call up a friend or family member and explore their recipes, ask if they could show you how they do it and some of their tips. Baking always makes for a fun afternoon, no matter the weather!

3. Add texture

Soft throws, sheepskins and fluffy pillows make a home feel so inviting. Cover your surfaces in as many soft fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle down.

4. Invite people over

Having a cozy space in your home is amazing for you and you family, but until you share that with others i never really meets its true potential, so people over to share your coziness. Bonus: Ask them to bring a bottle of your favorite wine!

Tip: Low on cash but want to host a party? Ask everyone to bring a dish of there own, or ask them to bring an ingredient for needed for soup and you can all make it together!

5. Get out the board games

Board games make for a lovely connection among friends and family. Most of us have a collection that is hidden in a closet somewhere. Break those out and have a fun time laughing along.

Tip: If you want to connect with long distance loved ones there are countless apps that can be played together over long distance!

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